Chairman:  Abri Basson

Abri Basson

Abri was born in the Koue Bokkeveld-area near Ceres almost 65 years ago. He grew up on a farm and fondly remembers his time spent on the farm with his dad’s .22 rifle. As a child he hunted a variety of game and game birds that occurred on their land. Later they had a shotgun which he used to hunt geese, amongst others.

After school, Abri joined the South African Defence Force where he served for 42 years. As a young man earning an army pay, he accompanied a friend on a hunt to the Boesmanland and really got into the practice of hunting for own use. Since 1982 he has been hunting in Namibia and the Kalahari, where the main quarry remains Gemsbuck, Springbuck and the occasional Kudu.

Abri is a humble man and will never boast about his own abilities – but let it be noted that he has been involved in harvesting game with a commercial outfit for the last 20 years. This certainly says something about his hunting ability! He speaks with great admiration about his .30-06 rifle which has served him well for many years. When asked if that’s his popular calibre, he answered “well it gets the job done!” 

The West Coast Branch hosted the Kaapjag Inter-branch shoot in 2020. It was a great success and set the standard for all future Inter-Branch Shoots.

What members can look forward to 

⨠ A well-developed shooting range in the Velddrif-area, with regular rifle, shotgun and handgun shooting events.

⨠ Great hospitality and the ability to offer exceptionally well-organised shooting events.

To view this branch's upcoming events, visit our calendar. 


If you reside within the West Coast vicinities of Yzerfontein in the south, right up to Elands Bay in the north you will automatically be linked to the West Coast Branch, upon your successful membership application.


Please contact us with any queries you may have.

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