Established in  1984
3 600 

Our association's purpose is to promote responsible hunting, sport shooting and conservations of wild animals and wild places.

The Cape Hunters and Game Conservation Association (KAAPJAG) was established during 1984 by a group of hunters who were concerned about the preservation of game and the access to hunting places. Since then, the association has grown to become home to more than 3 600 hunters and sport shooters. 

In terms of the Firearms Control Act No 60 of 2000, The Cape Hunters and Game Conservation Association is accredited as a hunting and sport shooting association and may certify dedicated hunters and sport shooters. 

The association headquarters are situated in Durbanville and act as a centralised administrative centre for all our members. Our members mostly reside in the Western Cape of South Africa, but not exclusively. KAAPJAG has nine branches, geographically situated, in order to bring services closer to the members. The branches are all governed by a team of enthusiasts who reside within the branch area of influence. The branches are responsible for all member activities in the association, like members evenings, training, shooting events/competitions and workshops. 



Members of Cape Hunt endorse the CREDO and are subject to the Constitution.

Acknowledging the wonders of nature and with gratitude to its Creator, I solemnly undertake to:

The Cape Hunters and Game Conservation Association aims to:
love of wildlife

Promote the knowledge and love of wildlife and nature in general.


Practice and promote good amateur sportsmanship in hunting.

guard against destruction

To actively guard against the destruction of wildlife and nature.

adhere to laws

Adhere to all laws, ordinances, by-laws and official directives on the conservation of fauna and flora.

Affiliations & Accreditations


CHASA logo

The Cape Hunters and Game Conservation Association (KAAPJAG) is affiliated to a national hunting body:
The Confederation of Hunting Associations of South Africa (CHASA), representing 23 hunting associations nationwide.


SAGA – The South African Gunowner’s Association


KAAPJAG is a proud corporate member of SAGA. The South African Gunowners' Association (SAGA) is a non-profit, non-discriminatory organization, whose sole purpose is to represent the interests of all people who embrace the principles of safe and responsible ownership and usage of firearms for sport, recreation, hunting and self-defense.

Please consider joining SAGA as a member

Durbanville Shooting Club

Durbanville Skietklub

Durbanville Shooting Club has been serving the shooting community in the Northern Suburbs and Boland, for more than 35 years. Kaapjag has had a close working relationship with Durbanville Shooting Club for as many years and some of our members even maintain dual membership. We have now decided to strengthen our relationship with them by formal agreement and the signing of an MOU on the 2nd of August 2022.

This agreement will offer Kaapjag members a vastly reduced visitors fee (50%) when using their facilities. The agreement will also offer members of Durbanville Shooting Club, membership to Kaapjag at a reduced subscription fee and the ability to acquire Dedicated Sport Shooter status under our SAPS Accreditation as a Sport Shooting Association. DSC members will also have access to our online member’s platform, HUNTERS PORTAL. Durbanville Shooting Club’s facilities remain the preferred venue for our Sentraal Branch activities.

Please consider joining DSC as a member

Firearms Control Act

The Cape Hunters and Game Conservation Association holds several accreditations with the South African Police Services. Accredited organisations are recognised in terms of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000. Accredited associations can provide their members with dedicated status after successful completion of the prescribed exams.



Interest Groups

Cape Hunt also introduced the concept of interest groups. Interest groups are derived from special interest amongst our members in a specific area. The current special interest groups cover the following activities:


Our memberships

The Cape Hunters and Game Conservation Association offers the following membership types to prospective members:

normal member

Normal members

family members

Family members of normal members (direct relations)

junior members

Junior members
(10 to 18 years)


Pensioners (65 years and older)

In terms of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000, membership can be divided into two distinct groups, namely:

Section 15: Occasional Hunters and Sport Shooters

In terms of the Act an occasional hunter or sport shooter may not possess more than four firearms. He/she may not possess a restricted firearm (semi automatic rifle or shotgun) and may not possess more than 200 rounds of ammunition for any firearm license, unless he/she obtains a permit to exceed the said limit.

Section 16: Dedicated Hunters and Dedicated Sport Shooters

Please visit our Dedicated Hunter and Dedicated Sport Shooter pages to view comprehensive information on how to acquire and maintain Dedicated Hunter and Dedicated Sport Shooter statuses.

Currently, there is no restriction on the number of firearms or ammunition a dedicated person may possess, however the status granted to such member must be maintained. If a dedicated member fails to remain in good standing with the association, such member loses the right to own the firearm which was licensed to him/her under Section 16 of the Act. Good standing means that the member must continue to be a member and submit sufficient activities annually to be compliant. A report must be submitted to the authorities annually of members who failed to remain in GOOD STANDING. 


Kaapjag Promise to Members

Die agtergrond:
  • Die Kaapse Jagters- en Wildbewaringsvereniging (KAAPJAG) is gestig in 1984 met nege takke wat dienste geografies naby aan die lede bring.
  • KAAPJAG is nasionaal geaffilieer by CHASA (Die Konfederasie van Jagtersverenigings van Suid-Afrika) met meer as 14 000 lede, wat skakeling het met die Suid-Afrikaanse Polisie, die Departement van Omgewingsake, Visserye en Bosbou en vele ander jag- en bewaringsverwante organisasies.
  • KAAPJAG se doelstellings is die bevordering van verantwoordelike jag, sportskiet en bewaring.
Kaapjag bied u:
  • KAAPJAG het 'n effektiewe en gevorderde webtuiste/administratiewe stelsel wat sekere dienste aanlyn bied.
  • KAAPJAG bied Toegewyde Jagter- en  Toegewyde Sportskietstatus wat u instaat stel om meer as vier vuurwapens te besit.
  • KAAPJAG endosseer en adviseur lede met betrekking tot vuurwapenaansoeke vir die SAPD.
  • KAAPJAG se nege takke, geografies geleë, bied deurlopend aktiwiteite aan vir die lede se gerief.
  • KAAPJAG bied Derde Party Aanspreeklikheidsversekering vir enige amptelike Kaapjag-byeenkoms.
  • KAAPJAG maak jaggeleenthede beskikbaar aan die lede.
  • KAAPJAG se lede het inspraak in die bestuur van Kaapjag.
  • KAAPJAG het ‘n fisiese kantoor in Durbanville met kundige en toegewyde personeel beskikbaar – Maandae tot Vrydae.
  • KAAPJAG werk nouliks saam met vennote in die industrie, byvoorbeeld met Cape Nature om dit maklik te maak vir lede om jaglisensies te bekom.
  • KAAPJAG se Grondwet bied beskerming aan lede en riglyne vir goeie bestuur.
The background:
  • The Cape Hunters and Game Conservation Association (KAAPJAG) was founded in 1984 and has 9 branches geographically situated to bring services closer to the members.
  • KAAPJAG is affiliated at a national level to CHASA (The Confederation of Hunting Associations of South Africa), representing more than 14 000 members and ensures liaison with The South African Police Services, the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries and many other hunting- and conservation related bodies.
  • KAAPJAG’s objectives are the promotion of responsible hunting, sport shooting and conservation.
Kaapjag offers you:
  • KAAPJAG offers an effective and advanced website/administrative system and offer certain services online.
  • KAAPJAG offers both Dedicated Hunter and Dedicated Sport Shooter Status which enables you to own more than four firearms.
  • KAAPJAG endorses and advises the member in relation to firearm applications for submission to the SAPS.
  • KAAPJAG branches, geographically situated, offer continuous convenient services to the member.
  • KAAPJAG offers Third Party Liability Insurance for any official association event.
  • KAAPJAG conveys hunting opportunities to the members on a regular basis.
  • KAAPJAG members have a say in how the association is managed.
  • KAAPJAG has a physical office in Durbanville with dedicated and knowledgeable staff available – Mondays to Fridays.
  • KAAPJAG collaborates with partners in the industry for instance Cape Nature, to ensure the availability of hunting licenses.
  • KAAPJAG constitutionally protects its members by ensuring guidelines for good governance.