Dedicated sport shooting

Dedicated Sport Shooting Status

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Dedicated Sport Shooting Status is much the same as obtaining a Dedicated Hunters Status. It is also issued in terms of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000.

A person may become a dedicated sport shooter by joining KAAPJAG who is accredited for this purpose. The sport shooting disciplines are registered with CHASA.

A member can become a dedicated sport shooter once he has completed the prescribed exam and practical shooting test.

The exam can be completed online at Hunters Portal and the practical shooting test can be done at any shooting range under the supervision of the range officer. A target to use for this purpose can be downloaded from the Hunters Portal. Once the requirements are met, the member must apply to be registered as a dedicated sport shooter and pay the prescribed fee.

Practical Shooting Test RulesPractical Shooting Test Target

Maintaining your Dedicated Sport Shooter Status

To maintain your dedicated status, a dedicated sport shooter must participate in at least two sport shooting events per year and be a member in good standing. These events may be any official association sport shooting event. We do accept participation in official sport shooting events conducted at any other accredited sport shooting association. Proof of these activities must be kept by the member.

Participation in the association’s own sport shooting events will be automatically uploaded to your activities on your Hunters Portal profile. All activities participated in at other associations, must be logged by the member to his activities on the Hunters Portal. 

KAAPJAG offers the following disciplines which are official CHASA approved sport shooting events. These events were developed with the intention to improve the hunter’s skills and proficiency with his firearm of choice in the hunting field. 


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