Dedicated Hunters

Dedicated Hunter Status

Dedicated hunter status is issued in terms of The Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000:

To obtain dedicated hunter status, a member must complete the prescribed theoretical and practical exams.

The theoretical part of the course covers aspects such as fauna and flora, safety, hunting ethics and hunting methods, animal identification, shot placement, tracking of animals, trophy measurement and cape treatment, hunting ordinance, firearm safety, ballistics, first aid, sights and optics and general gun care. 

This theoretical exam can be done online or at one of our scheduled formal classroom courses (please see our calendar for the dates). A manual is available from the office at a nominal fee. We recommend that students invest in this manual as it contains excellent and necessary information.

The practical exam can be done during one of our formal scheduled practical shooting tests or at any shooting range under the supervision of a range officer. A member may apply for a dedicated status once they pass both these exams.

A formal application is lodged by the member and the required fee to register as a dedicated hunter is paid.

Proficiency Grading

A member may choose to do the more difficult formal written exam with a pass rate of 70% and a practical exam that consists of 9 shots: 3 shots from the prone position at 200m; 3 shots from the sitting position at 100m; and 3 shots from the standing position at 50m. All shots must fall within the prescribed heart lung area. Please consult our calendar for scheduled practical shooting test events.

Although both practical exams could be used to obtain dedicated hunter status, Cape Hunt prefers members to do the 9-shot proficiency graded test.

Practical Shooting Test RulesPractical Shooting Test Target
Why Dedicated Status?

In terms of the law, someone with a dedicated status may apply for more than 4 firearm licenses with sufficient motivation and may be in possession of more than 200 rounds of ammunition per licensed firearm.

Maintaining your Dedicated Hunter Status

To maintain your dedicated status, a dedicated hunter must participate in at least two activities per year and be a member in good standing. These activities may be any official association activities, any hunting conducted in your personal capacity and activities participated in at other accredited associations. 

Proof of these activities must be kept by the member and a declaration of these  activities must be submitted to the association on an annual basis. It is recommended that the activities-function on Hunters Portal be used for logging your activities. 

An annual report is submitted to the Central Firearms Registry on members who failed to remain compliant - as required by law. These reports are then submitted to the central firearm registry.


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