I have been hunting springbuck for almost 30 years and have, over the years, used several styles and designs of shooting aids during these many ambush (voorsit) hunts. Never finding the perfect one.

The balance between cart-ability, ease of use and stability has just never found that true marriage. Until recently, when Jackie Crafford introduced me to an old design which has seen limited use but was never commercially produced – until now.

I was due to depart on a hunt, which included some “voorsit” for springbuck, and Jackie suggested I take the Cape Arms Shooting Rest along to try out. It was handed to me in a neat carry bag containing all three major pieces. All I had to do, was to add my own stool to the bag and I was ready for the hunt. I opted for the tripod type stool with the triangle piece of leather on top.

It was easy to setup in the field and offered excellent “bench-type” stability, provided you chose a level spot to set yourself up. The rest was easily maneuverable and quickly adjustable for most angles encountered, both windage and elevation. I shot 5 bucks in short succession and found that I could place my shots very accurately. The rest comes equipped with a stabilizer spring and -arm and an adjusting knob for elevation. When the stabilizer arm is in use, this stand is as steady as a sandbag, provided you keep your elbows on your knees. I can recommend this rest to all serious springbuck hunters and believe the use of this stand will play a role in reducing marginal shot placement. You will be able to place your shots more precisely. A handy benefit is of course, the fact that you may leave your rifle in the rest during the hunt. This reduces visible movement of picking up and readying your rifle, which is somewhat of a problem when using the traditional style shooting sticks.

A great benefit of this shooting rest is the fact that it can successfully be used for sighting in a rifle at a location where a suitable shooting bench is unavailable. It is, most certainly, stable enough for sighting a rifle for hunting purposes.

Matt Relihan - June 2022


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