Launch date 1 December 2021

Kaapjag is extremely excited to share this new face of the Association, with our members!

We have been working non-stop for many months preparing our new website and members portal for this day and we have no doubt that our current and future members will truly appreciate the value of these new tools.  

We believe that our new look and the functions they provide will place Kaapjag well on the forefront and on par with the most progressive hunting and sport shooting associations in South Africa. We are fortunate to have a forward-thinking EXCO heading up this project and a formidable team designing and developing these new tools. 

In this regard we must acknowledge the excellent work done by our partners in this venture, namely Pathfind Media (website design) and Tech Genius (member's portal). These are great companies to work with! 

Driving change

Why has this investment in new systems become necessary? Because we are attuned to the needs of our members, Kaapjag added new systems whenever a particular need arose. This solved the immediate issue but created a very fragmented and labour-intensive member's administration system in our Head Office. 

The number of manual tasks that needed to be preformed by the staff, become cumbersome and just too laborious. We needed to change if we wanted to grow and stay with the trends in the industry! 

Our previous website contained some functionality which served a purpose but was not adaptable to our needs and did not support good access to information for both members and management.

The decision was made to move these functions from the website platform to the new members portal which will be known as Hunters Portal.

New functionality and benefits to our members 

The new website will focus on effective information transfer between the Association, its members and potential members. It will communicate information of a generic value such as our:

 ⨠ Calendar of activities

⨠ Important documents and files

⨠ Media resources

⇢ Gallery of photographs of member activities

⇢ Digital magazines

⇢ Blog

⇢ Member notices


Our website will also serve as a gateway to Hunters Portal and our social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram), and will direct future members to the online function to become part of the family.  

Hunters Portal will become the hub where all member functions are performed. New members will be able to join online and once they become a member, they will have access to a range of functions.  

These functions will of course include:

 ⨠ Acquiring the following benefits online

⇢ Membership certificates

⇢ Annual subs renewals

⇢ Endorsement applications

⇢ Writing senior hunters & sport shooting exams for dedicated status

⇢ Dedicated hunter & sport shooter status applications

⇢ Activity submissions

⨠ Automatic compliance determination for dedicated members

⨠ Shooting scores automatically drawn into the member’s profile

⨠ A running rankings system for all official CHASA sport shooting disciplines


Members may view the instructional video surrounding the use of Hunters Portal here. This video provides all the information and steps needed for ease of use. for the use of Hunters Portal on the new website. This will provide all the information and steps needed for ease of use. 


We have no doubt that you will be very pleased with the new website and Hunters Portal and improvements surrounding the ease and promptness of the Kaapjag services, it will provide.

We were ready, we aimed, and now we're firing to hit the bulls eye for our members!



Please contact us with any queries you may have.

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