Dear KAAPJAG Dedicated Hunter,


The Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000) and the accompanying Regulation No: 4, determines that an accredited association must on a regular basis evaluate their members regarding their bona fides to be or remain a dedicated member. The association is compelled by law to determine whether its dedicated members have been active and submitted a report of their activities. Annually, on the 31 December, the association must submit a report to the Registrar of members who failed to maintain their dedicated status. Please remember that you must be able to prove use/participation when renewing your firearm licenses. It is therefore crucial that every dedicated member should maintain a record of activities.

We thank those Dedicated Members who have already submitted reports or logged activities on Hunters Log.

Requirements to retain dedicated status:

  • Cape Hunt dedicated hunters and sport shooters must be paid up in terms of their membership fees and must, have participated in two activities during the preceding 12 months.
  • Members who acquired dedicated status after completing the dedicated examination or, acquired dedicated status during 2022, do not have to submit a report for 2022, as the written exams and shooting tests are considered as sufficient activities.

Suitable activities to maintain dedicated HUNTER status:

Two activities required to maintain your dedicated hunter status.

  • All shooting events presented by Cape Hunt and/or other official events/functions of the association.
  • Any hunting- and/or hunting related activity that can be proven by means of a hunting license, letter of permission to hunt, photographs or a similar document.

Suitable activities to maintain dedicated SPORT SHOOTER status:

Two activities required to maintain your dedicated sport shooter status.

  • All formal shooting events offered by Kaapjag or other associations.

Reporting method:

  1. Log your activities online at Hunters Portal before 30 Nov 2022. Go to and click on Hunters Portal. If you have not already signed onto your profile on Hunters Portal, first view the video. Then click on Member Login to sign on to your profile, or
  2. Complete the reporting form. This form is available on our website under Resources or by clicking on THIS link: Complete the report and email it to Matt Relihan at Digital signatures are accepted. No substantiating documentation must be attached. The responsibility for retaining the documentary proof remains with the member.
  3. If you were unable to partake in any activities during the preceding 12 months, please provide the reason in the available space on the report.
  • Unpaid members will unfortunately lose their dedicated status and might run the risk of losing the firearms obtained under Section 16 of the Act.
  • Please submit your report on or before 30 November 2022.

Thank you

Enquiries: Matt Relihan


Please contact us with any queries you may have.

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