This shoot has a possible seven disciplines and you need to choose and participate in any five to qualify for the MASTERSHOT.
MASTERSHOT will be decided on the average of the five nominated scores.
Your choice of five disciplines needs to be indicated before the shoot starts  HOWEVER, you may shoot all seven, but only your five nominated disciplines will count towards the MASTERSHOT competition.
NOTE: You may shoot any of the disciplines as many times as you like, but you must nominate which of the scores must be used for the MASTERSHOT before you commence shooting the specific disciplines.

Only 200 competitors will be allowed to enter. To avoid disappointment please fill in the registration form below.

Shotguns and .22 Rifles will be made available on the day of the shoot at a nominal fee

Discipline No Discipline Name Type of Firearm Distance Rounds Needed Description Time
1. Kolteiken Hunting Rifle 100m 9 3 Shots bench-rest
3 Shots elbows only
3 Shots free standing
60 seconds for every three shots
Reload intervals between every three shots
2.Veldskiet Hunting Rifle Between 30m and 250m 6 1  Shot free standing on warthog
2 Shots sitting on impala
3 Shots prone position on spingbok
Warthog 15 seconds
Impala 30 Seconds
Springbok 60 Seconds
3.Silhouette .22 Rim Fire Rifle Between 40m and 100m 10 10 Shots at various silhouettes 180 seconds
4.Compact Sporting Shotgun Various Clay Stations 16 10 Birds in different combinations Shots are called by the shooter
5.Dangerous Game Big Bore (9.3mm and bigger) Between 20m and 50m 4 1 shot standing and static lion
3 Shots standing on running lion
Lion starts to move after first shot is fired
Charging lion plus minus 45 seconds
6. Falling Plates Handgun Between 10m and 30m 10 Shoot 7 plates of 150 mm x150 mm,1 plate of 100 mm x100 mm against the clock Against the clock.
7.Ghong Hunting Rifle Between 100 and 400m 5 Shoot five gongs in sequence
Gongs have various sizes and distances
120 Seconds
Member Organisation / Lidvereniging:  * Leave blank if you do not belong to a organisation
Name and Surname / Naam en Van:  * Only One First Name and Surname
I.D. Number / Nommer:  * NO SPACES
Membeship No / Lidmaatskapnommer: * (if you belong to an organisation)
Category / Kategorie: Junior (onder 18 Jaar / Years)
Dame / Women
Contact Details / Kontakbesonderhede:
Telephone / Telefoon:
Fax / Faks:
Cellular / Selfoon:
Email / E-pos  * No Spaces

Entry fees:

There are two types of entries: You can enter the MASTERSHOT competition or you can shoot any of the disciplines as many times as you like.

·         MASTERSHOT: R350 Shoot all seven of the disciplines but 5 have to be nominated before the shoot commences that would count towards the MASTERSHOT.

·         Individual Disciplines: R50 per discipline per shoot, or if you have entered for the MASTERSHOT and would like to shoot a particular discipline more than once.

Note: Payment can be made on the day or pre-entry payment can be paid electronically.
Your nominated FIVE MASTERSHOT DISCIPLINES can be chosen on the day of the shoot. This will happen during registration
You may also choose any number of the individual disciplines on the day of the shoot.

ENTRIES START @ 7am and shoot starts @8am

Entries closes at 1pm and all disciplines must be completed by no later than 3pm.
MASTERSHOT Yes I want to participate in Mastershot (nomination of your five disciplines can take place on the day of the shoot)
Number of Additional Disciplines.(R50 per Discipline) Extra Disciplines may be chosen on the day.
 These are extra shoots if you do not want to participate in the Mastershot or you want to shoot a particular range more than once